Emirates News

Emirates News Branding/Identity

Emirates News is a blog that keeps up with the news and trends in the UAE. Being one of the country’s most-visited websites it is really important to change with the flow and adapt to it.

Therefore, a need for a new brand identity emerged. UCT tried to come up with a new concept for the logo design to reflect EN’s goal to stay one of the best news sources in the UAE.

Finally, EN’s management was pleased with the result because the new identity generated more traffic than ever.

Emirates News Developing a mobile application

Easy access to news is essential, especially in these times, you don’t always have the luxury and time to open the website and read the news but your mobile phone is always with you, you can browse while you’re waiting in traffic or during a boring meeting.

After their satisfaction with the branding results, Emirates News management took the right choice and went to UCT to develop their application.

Our developers gave it their best, and the results were great! The application was a big hit in the Emirati news field, combining professional news and a great user-friendly application.