The Client

Our client is a law firm agency based in Dubai and covering legal services and advice across the UAE as well as established offices in other GCC countries. With experience dating back to decades ago, our client has provided legal services to their own clients ranging from individuals to companies.

The Challenge

Law firms work with litigation, corporate, banking, real estate, and other legal services with tons of paperwork generated and tons of contacts needed for every single case.

A while back, such firms used to employ generic tools like Microsoft Office Products including Word documents, Excel sheets, and Access databases to organize their work, but soon companies noticed that a bulk was getting lost due to inconvenience which raised the need for more specialized tools that are customizable for each domain such as the CRM system we’re discussing.

As such our client found themselves in a similar situation of inconvenience and weren’t only in need for a system that better stores client data, they needed a platform that helps to consolidate every process the firm does, from pursuing leads and closing opportunities to archiving cases.

Overcome Geographical Limitations, Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility, Lower Costs, Locate the Product Quicker, Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying, Provide Abundant Information, Create Targeted Communication, Create Markets for Niche Products.

What We Did

We provided our law firm client with a professional version of a CRM system that’s customized according to the client’s requirement. In addition to the standard features, it comprises of many additional features such as web forms that allow prospects to submit a request that goes directly into the system which helps the firm to analyze such data.

This system enables supervisors to easily recognize and address holdups in the sales channel or in any other management process. The created CRM system aims to save users a huge amount of discarded time, due to traditional methods of tracing cases and files. Additional CRM options enabled the firm to exchange files and instant messages, with the support of various email providers. It helps in predicting market movement and in conducting dashboard-based analytics.

The Results

Our CRM system, helped the client keep their customers’ contact details up to date and track all client interactions history including phone calls, emails, meetings, presentations, and questions. It played a major role to prevent details from getting lost or forgotten. Both UCT and the client were satisfied with the promise showed by this CRM system which forms a step towards more modernized tracing and accountability for law firms operating anywhere.

The system streamlines and modernizes workflow through a single platform which enhances connectivity and stability. Whether it’s the managers, sales team, or customer service team, our client have found it useful to incorporate the CRM system as a core business platform. This solution vastly increased efficiency by reducing the conversion cycle from 40 to 14 days which reduced the time gap between the client request and final work delivery.