Web Development

Web development

Web development, also known as website development, refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or Internet.
A website is the doorstep to your company and should make a good first impression on your visitors.
Web presence happens to be one of the most strategic assets that a business can have. In Web development, content is king. Highly skilled and experienced web developers are essential to propelling your business to success in the online platform.


Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, per the owner's requirements. Web development is the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages.
It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup. Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex Web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

Web development in Dubai


Web development includes many types of web content creation. Some examples include hand coding web pages in a text editor, building a website in a program like Dreamweaver, and updating a blog via a blogging website.
In recent years, content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have also become popular means of web development. These tools make it easy for anyone to create and edit their own website using a web-based interface. Web developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files.


One of the strengths that web developers come with is the ability to lay a strategic plan. In this plan, they focus on your business model and any future ambitions and goals.
An experienced development team knows how to build a results driven website that’s attractive and lively, and provides a great user experience. Working with a well-established and professional website development company enables you to monitor your company website, as well as marketing methods, constantly.

Why UCT?

Without having an innovative web design, you will find it hard to meet the competition. As a web development company our web applications are developed using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Today, we're proud to say that we are one of the leading web development service providers in MENA.
We have served many local and international companies in developing powerful web applications and creating attractive web designs. So, it's our top priority to give you the best possible exposure available and allow your dreams to turn into reality on the internet, increasing traffic to your website and business to your door step! We develop high performance, secure custom web applications for our customers and provide them web development solutions for their business needs through our onsite, offshore and outsourcing methodology.
Our skilled, talented and experienced team of web developers, creative designers and programmers have excellent skills and are capable of developing cross platform web projects for all industries.
We are committed to excellence in our web development services and work towards delivering high quality web applications to our valuable clients.