The Client

The Emirates Business Directory (Emirates BD) is an online interactive business directory that distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition by including unique features that sets it apart from being just a list to find information on. In addition to including hundreds of thousands of listings across the seven Emirates, the Emirates BD is a buzzing social hub where users can interact with each other, as well as offering a rating system, daily blogs and an up to date newsfeed.

One of its most prominent features is the events calendar which features the details of all ongoing and upcoming events in the United Arab Emirates, with the users being able to read a summary, check exact dates and sign up with simple clicks.

The Challenge

Being an online directory that offers ad space, and features that help companies with their visibility online, Emirates BD saw an increased number of the website’s visitors, especially given current circumstances in 2020. Thus, more company listings were being added on daily basis. There were a lot of inquiries pouring in from both existing and new users, in addition to requests and queries related to Emirates BD subscriptions & services.

The EmiratesBD team needed a solution that would help them to quickly provide support and on the spot in order to save time and be able to process requests after replying to inquiries. That’s when they approached UCT to inquire about a solution to which UCT offered Live Chat.

Emirates BD had expressed concerns with Live Chat solutions they integrated before, these concerns arise from their experience with other outdated platforms they had used, and ones which did not integrate support with other social media chat options, automatic responses and offline support. They also found that many live chat platforms are too basic and do not include interesting features, such as showing number of visitors, being mobile friendly or usable on any browser.

What We Did

UCT presented the Emirates BD with a very versatile Live Chat platform that included several handy plug-ins and integrations. Not only that but they also made sure the platform had a myriad of attractive and convenient features.

UCT worked with Emirates BD to ensure the inclusivity of interesting and multipurpose functions and tools such as the integration of bots, screen-sharing, social media chat support, a chat between the operators, the creation of back up and offline support, and many more features. It was very important to include features that were up to date, utilizing latest technologies and offering convenience for the team to use easily and customize depending on their preferences. These solutions were handcrafted by UCT to ensure the team at Emirates BD fully benefited from them, and also allowed room for more to be added later in case the team requested for more.

The Results

With UCT’s platform installed and fully functional at the Emirates BD’s website, they team were now able to provide 24 hours support from any location worldwide. Successfully being able to provide on-spot support has indeed given Emirates BD team the ability to save on time and able to process inquiries and support communications more professionally and faster.

Through the versatility of UCT’s Platform, they were able to create multiple users, ensure full browsers support, read backup of messages sent when offline or all users are busy, mobile device friendliness and even enhance communication between the staff.

The team made use of the platform to read chat logs, as well as being able to view instant reports of website visitors, all viewable by demographics as well. This enabled the team to build on what they view from the figures and to keep improving their services. The platform made it easy for the operators to coordinate with each other, so that no client was served twice, and their inquiries were all logged and archived for later use, which they began using for quality assurance.