The Client

Our client is a digital marketing solutions agency that owns the SMS Marketing platform “SMS4All” among other marketing tools. They excel in the field of offering marketing solutions to clients looking to spread the word, increase their online presence and build a brand image either online or via SMS. They particularly specialize in offering different platforms access to their clients, in which they can perform & utilize for their customized digital marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

The client previously had an outdated SMS platform and then required a new and an advanced one which will contain solutions that will be able to offer more features than just adding a large amount of phone numbers and sending bulk SMS campaigns. Previously they had dealt with other providers, but their capabilities were limited and weren’t inclusive of any additional tools and marketing features for them to utilize. They were mainly lacking features such as:
Hence, the client had approached UCT and explained their situation, laying out the plans they had for their SMS marketing and promotional campaigns, in hopes that UCT will create a powerful and a creative platform to meet their needs and especially enable them to offer SMS packages to their clients.

What We Did?

The team of developers and marketing experts at UCT made sure to properly understand the client needs and plans for their new SMS platform and marketing plan, devising a strategy before the work on building the platform. As UCT started their first tasks, they began adding in the requested features one by one, conducting full testing to ensure all steps were functional.

As the platform began to see progress, UCT worked closely with the client to provide them with test demos and receive their feedback on the go. This ensured that step by step, all the features were working with their expected quality if not more.

Finally, all the additional tweaks and miscellaneous options were added to give the platform a final touch and transform it to be personalized to the client’s brand image and color theme.

The Results

Following the creation of their new platform and then handing it over to the client, they were able to start out their first set of campaigns, sending bulk messages, viewing their reports and then enhancing their future campaigns based on that. Most importantly, they were now able to sell SMS packages in the form of accounts to their clients. With those accounts, the clients can access the platform and make use of the full features provided within it.

The client then was very happy as they were able to start more unique promotional activities such as polls, mini-surveys and quizzes. Utilizing the multi-purpose tools available, the client found it extremely advantageous to have a tool that can send and receive, and organize recurring campaigns to be scheduled and sent over long periods.

This enabled them to now offer more versatile solutions to their clients and with confidence of achieving over the top results that yield high ROI. The enhanced SMS platform has received several positive feedbacks for including several features that can be used for multiple purposes, while also being user-friendly and not too complicated to navigate.