Our client is an online store that uses E-commerce for buying and selling of goods and services or the transmitting of funds or data over an electronic network, primarily the Internet. They offer easy and effective approach of reaching any potential customer regardless of their physical location.

The Challenge

Many businesses sell products or offer services that might be highly demanded in farther areas than in the geographic vicinity of the business office.

This played a major role in clients finding themselves in need for a more practical virtual online store where the owner can sell products or services online to easily reach potential customers that aren’t located within the client’s vicinity.

While many other platforms might work and offer the basic buying and selling experiences, a lot of platform find themselves lacking advanced features or sometimes even lacking other basic features that facilitate buying and selling in a more convenient manner.

What We Did

UCT specializes in e-commerce website design and development. Our specialists including gifted programmers, marketing experts, and creative graphic designers can develop an online store that helps you stand out in your industry.

UCT employed its expertise to create a solution that assisted our client in accomplishing their distant trading objectives on a large scale. The e-commerce platform was designed with a boundless features list, such as a secure online shopping cart that enabled our client to administer their online store in a user-friendly dynamic administration area.

Our strong grasp of e-commerce principles was the road to creating a successful online store. Accumulative knowledge over years of experience provided us the guidelines required to properly implement an e-business plan that’s a crucial part of becoming successful with online store management. And to add final touches of expertise, our developers, marketing experts and creative designers banded together to ensure our provided E-commerce platforms are just as appealing visually as they are technically.

The Results

Our e-commerce solution offered the finest features and functionalities and was fully customizable. Our client has found it useful that we’ve used the latest technology stack that matches their brand identity and online selling goals along with our graphical design expertise that added small but impacting changes. Using the platform, the client was able to increase their product awareness because the platform enabled them to bulk upload images and videos with multiple product catalog features. The solution solved various convenience issues often faced when using other e-commerce platforms. Other than the geographical coverage issue, they were able to fully import and export product/user/order/language databases in CSV format. We enabled HTML enriched product description with different display types for products with the ability to add an unlimited number of products/categories. The platform users have reported an increase in revenue due to the ability to offer better customer service through platform features such as: