The Challenge

As our client’s operations grew over the years, they found themselves in need of an organizational platform that will assist in all project management needs. Up to that point, they were operating either fully manually through standard Microsoft Office applications. While those applications have great uses, but managing projects is done through them manually and many details can be lost if files are not constantly updated, backed up or the work done is saved every few seconds.

The client wanted a platform that offers a full project management solution not only for convenience, but to also be able to coordinate internally and handle all transactions effectively with proper task management and smart integrations. They had gotten a few demos and prototypes from other providers, but many of the included features and management techniques felt lacking or the platform was just too basic.

What We Did

UCT developed the platform with the client’s requests in mind. Of course with the basic functionality first being developed, such as resource allocation, planning and scheduling, UCT then moved to integrate other functions, features and tools that increase the platform’s versatility, which the client was not able to find with other providers. Some of those additional features included adding in the functionality of organizing events, team members, role managements, clients’ / customers’ details, internal company chat application within the platform, support tickets and FAQs.

UCT also worked the extra mile and included more simple functions such as employees being able to log in their vacation days as well as the writing and storing personal notes for each user. These functions, yet simple, allowed for team members to better manage tasks effectively, as they would know who is present or not, and compare each other’s notes.

The Results

As the platform was completed, the client’s departments were easily able to create and effectively coordinate projects and further do the same for tasks within those projects. The platform itself automatically logs and backs up all details entered into the platform with the ability to generate reports to review the work being done through a timeline review.

One of the most important factors that the client utilized upon using the platform, is time management. Precious time was indeed saved that otherwise would have been lost in tedious manual updating or back up tasks. The client’s team was very impressed with the added little features such as browser, Google Drive, customizable dashboard and the option of viewing tasks or other lists either via standard list view or Kanban view which supported drag and drop