Digital Catalogue

With Digital Catalogue, businesses have an opportunity to turn product information on a flat page into an experience.
Digital Catalogs allow for a blend of both: editorial layouts and themed spreads. With Digital Catalogue, you can serve your customers with vital info and provide more information about the product with expandable content. Those can increase online reach, can be used with different devices and can be found on search engines and allows people to share those online.


Digital catalogue can be used by online retailers, allowing customers to view products online and then order those products either directly or through a sales associate. A digital catalog can also be used to provide a body of information in a digital format, such as examples of an artist’s work or shared resources within an organization.
A great difference between on-line catalog and print catalog selling is that on-line catalog customers find the marketer rather than the marketer finding them. Consequently, on-line catalog customers tend to differ demographically and in purchase behavior from print catalog customers.

Digital Catalogue Development in Dubai


With the look and feel of a traditional paper brochure, a digital brochure has the effect of turning the pages as a physical brochure does. It also has a host of easy to use features which makes for a memorable reader experience... things like full screen mode, the ability to zoom in, bookmarks, keyword search and sharing on social media. Videos can also be embedded in the document – a great opportunity to tell more of your story!


Digital catalogs are always available for browsing, regardless of location or time of day. Quick and easy navigation/access, digital options are interactive, meaning customers can zoom in on items they like and use the digital catalog’s e-commerce feature to purchase items immediately.
Besides making shopping quick and easy for consumers, digital catalogs provide companies with brand promotion opportunities. Many catalogs feature social media “buttons” such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and Twitter, allowing customers to share purchases with their respective networks.


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