The Challenge

When businesses operations grow over time, the number of employees, list of clients, tasks and projects eventually grow with the company and it becomes imperative for information not to be lost. However, logging and recording everything manually is quite tedious and wastes a lot of time. And this is exactly the situation our client found themselves in.

What We Did?

In order to further optimize daily tasks, customer information and utilize time more effectively, the client was in search for a tool that would help them to do just that. This was especially important as sales began to grow and sales teams being divided to cover different clients in different regions. They had been in contact with several agencies and providers, but there were quite a few issues faced with some of the demos they experimented with:

The Results

The client was able to utilize the platform’s full functionality in order to fully sort out and organize their existing clients’ details, transactions and sales reports which lead them to save a lot of precious time and also cut on expenses pertaining to unnecessary paperwork that would have been generated if the system was not used.

In addition, the client was able to utilize the CRM platform to create their own Project Management system within the platform. This greatly assisted them in sorting out tasks and ensuring all efforts of their departments are coordinated correctly; thus, improving work productivity overall. With the system in place, all incoming and outgoing expenses were detailed and updated constantly, which enabled the client to easily generate daily reports in order analyze their business performance and be able to act on those results swiftly.

The further added customization options and tools allowed our client to personalize the platform to fit more with their organizational style and work with the platform in a manner that they are comfortable with.