The Client

GEM Agency “Gulf e-Marketing” is a contemporary, insightful and dynamic digital marketing agency with operations from Dubai/UAE and services that expand across the UAE, GCC & Middle East. Their main goal is to focus on helping companies to promote their products and ideas professionally. GEM provides several online and offline marketing solutions, ranging from Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Services to SMS and Email Marketing. Their services incorporate powerful techniques and adapt to the clients requests and needs.

The Challenge

GEM is fully functional online to provide its clients with a hands on service and naturally, since they offer online marketing tools they needed to cover all aspects of online marketing methods. They were only missing a reliable Email Platform in order for them to effectively send out mass marketing campaigns, manage support tickets effectively, as well as sell Email Marketing packages as a product to clients. They also wanted to utilize their existing Email lists and several more features that an Email Platform can help with. Prior to approaching UCT, GEM had experimented with other Email marketing platforms, but they faced several issues such as:
Once UCT was approached by GEM in order to provide an Email Platform that contains a solution to all mentioned issues, UCT immediately had the fix to GEM’s problem, and they worked together to make sure all needed further tools, functionality and customization are at GEM’s disposal.

What We Did

UCT provided GEM with a state of the art Email Marketing platform that was fully customized for GEM’s needs and tackled the issues they previously encountered one by one. As the two forces worked together, they were able to work on an Email platform that not only offered advanced tools, functionalities, scheduling, campaign customization, reporting and the ability to create tailored and personalized Emails, but were also able to offer packages with access to the whole platform’s features as well as importing and keeping all their existing Email lists updated through a smart importing tool.

UCT also added in a tool that gave GEM the ability to view automatically generated reports of the outcome of all Emails sent. Finally, the team at UCT worked on necessary configuration, settings, scripting tools to ensure that the minimum amount of Emails went to spam, and instead most of the emails to be delivered to the inbox, with a direct mention of the receiver’s name to ensure the Emails are personalized and not robotic. This enabled GEM to effectively use the Email marketing solution and sell Email Marketing Packages to their existing and prospect clients.

The Results

With UCT’s solution provided to GEM, they were immediately able to take advantage of UCT’s versatile platform to schedule a few marketing campaigns to be sent out to their existing users as well as prospects. They were also able to get beneficial results, such as more prospect clients approaching and GEM and inquiring about their services. Moreover, GEM now had the ability to track the results of all Email sent, as they were able to know from generated reports the fate of each Email, or which users have opted out of receiving Emails and act based on that.

Furthermore, GEM were able to market their services, including Email Marketing packages, with attractively designed templates and campaigns and providing them with the ability to make full use of the platform’s features. Their services provided a crucial edge for companies, as it provides them with a budget friendly and creative means of online advertising.