The Client

The Virtual Academy (VA) is an online education provider that partners with teachers and educational institutes worldwide to offer a variety of courses available for anyone anytime with a flexibility of part-time and full-time schedules. The Virtual Academy aims to provide convenient education and a wide variety of specialization not just for higher education levels, but also to middle and high school as well.

The Challenge

Despite civilization’s rapid advancement, millions of people around the world in many places still lack access to education or some specific cases, the lack of a reliable online learning platform. The intricacy of the modern lifestyle poses many obstacles between education providers and education seekers. This is why an intervention was necessary.

VA and generally other clients in the domain of education required a flexible, reliable, and accredited academic institute that is easily accessible for anyone anytime to eliminate obstacles like long distances and little time. As well as being able to offer courses in different domains and professions. After VA had found limitations with other providers, either in the form accessibility, language support, different courses inclusion, they had approached UCT who have decided that the solution must be in a form of an online platform that uses many open source technologies built on Moodle.

What We Did

UCT’s technology and design departments provided the client with an integrated online facility equipped to host: unlimited number of students/trainees – interactive curriculums – partner educators – classmate interaction – tech support.

The created virtual learning platform supports advanced multi-language management to aid international users. Its user interface enables students and teachers to engage in lectures, assignments, and tests as well as to track down information and training course history. It’s also able to support various types of courses that vary in duration and commitment levels.

The Results

The solution was professionally executed to the point that, in addition to our client, it acquired the blessing of many renowned global academic institutions. With our help, the Virtual Academy managed to increase the numbers of education seekers in the following community sectors:
Middle school and high school students with special circumstances or needs preventing them from physically being present in a school People with busy schedules, large families, disabilities, and many more of those who used to find it hard to reach an education provider. VA achieved more effective learning methods that attracted international markets’ interest. Today, it offers over 15-course categories with over 10 courses each, with many more added daily to cover the needs of various profession seekers.