From the day it started, Delivarto had one goal in mind, to be the region’s most trusted destination when it comes to delivering anything!

As with any starting business that is looking to be successful, it was essential for Delivarto to build a strong identity. After contacting several agencies and receiving several offers, Delivarto found themselves settling for UCT due to the fact that they understood how sensitive the matter of identity is and the team at UCT was very capable of presenting valid points that stood out among the competition. Therefore, with a partnership established, UCT was responsible for creating a brand identity that will provide Delivarto with an edge and have them stand out in the crowd.

After several brainstorming sessions, UCT and Delivarto were able to settle down on a concept that truly reflects Delivarto’s goals and vision.

After the success that the new brand identity had with Delivarto’s customers, Delivarto decided to go to UCT once again to develop their new application.

Being already familiar with the concept and the brand, UCT went to work right away.

The final application was all that Delivarto hoped for. Creative design and interactive UI that only facilitates the user experience. All of this was accompanied with increase in sales and downloads of the app.

UCT is proud of the final products that it delivered to Delivarto and hope that their business continues to grow.