The City School

About the Client

Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with branches in all the major cities across the country. It currently has 153 schools in 49 cities with over 150,000 students in 500+ owned and franchised schools. They expanded their coverage to several other countries, including Dubai in 2006 and is now considered as one of the top 10 schools in the city.

The Challenge

The City School came across UCT’s work which they found online and they were very impressed with the work UCT does for their clients after viewing their samples and comparing them to other providers. So they got in touch and asked UCT to prepare a presentation for the school. The presentation goal was to cover the school’s history and expansion from their establishment in Pakistan till reaching Dubai. The school was overly precise about the branding format of the presentation as they didn’t want it to be just generic info placed with no “soul” to it. They also wanted to make sure the presentation properly portrayed the school’s brand.

The Solution

UCT responded to the request with full positivity, and started the work on the presentation with the given pointers from the school. To add further, UCT had an interview with the school in order to make sure all the history is covered properly, in addition to conducting a full research on the education system. This helped UCT include information that is solidified with facts and knowledge, and all of them were written in an original manner, not just copying and pasting into the material without thoughts to it. The final touches were to add proper animations and ensure the slides were animated in a professional and proper order according to the information presented in each slide.

The result

The smart and attractive animations and transitions that were used, kept the presentation visually engaging and very appealing for the eyes. The final presentation submitted by UCT to The City School left the team at the school impressed with the effort and more than comfortable to make use of it. Client found the work to be very inspiring and when they had conducted their meetings using this presentation, they noticed how the audience’s reaction changed to be more positive in comparison to pre-working with UCT.