DXB Businessmen Center (Tas-Heel)

About the client

DXB Businessmen Center / Tas-Heel offers several official documentation work for businessmen such as:

  • Emirates Identity Authority services
  • Labour Bank Guarantee
  • Refund of Labour Bank Guarantee
  • Documents Follow up Services
  • Photocopy & Photo Capturing
  • Express original labor contract issue instantly

It was Established in April 2013, then developed to become one of the most reputable centers in providing the services of the Ministry of Labor, alongside other quality services provided by the center.

Identity Items / Feedback Form


Being a professional services center, the DXB Businessmen Services naturally was looking to develop a few identity items that will be on a suitable level for businessmen and VIPs. Since these items would represent the company, it was very important for them to convey the professional nature as much as possible and send across the right image.

Additionally, to display their care about improving their services, the center required a feedback form to be prepared and used in the center for visitors to fill out and express their feedback on the provided services. Naturally the feedback form needed to be precise and to the point, as an overly long feedback form would repel visitors from filling it.


Once UCT began working with the business center, the first steps that UCT did was presenting several identity items designs and options to choose from. After that the two teams worked together on selecting the most fitting professional design for the business card which included their logo and a professional font style and color, as well as a suitable shade of brown for the back of the business card.

The feedback form was constructed both in English and Arabic and had a total of 10 questions which all asked the right questions in the form of a scale that will allow the center to collect important feedback. Moreover, an option for an open end question at the end was suggested by UCT which allows interested visitors to write further feedback in case not included in the previous ten questions. The feedback form of course had similar color shades to the business card so that it stays true to the center’s identity and also included clever use of emoji’s to represent the scale used for the questions.

Corporate Profile & Flyer


At a later stage, the center requested a corporate profile that they can circulate to businessmen and other corporations as well as a convenient smaller version to be used at the center. After their positive experience with the business card and the feedback form, DXB Businessmen Center turned to UCT for those requests as well. It was important for the center that these documents convey the same feeling of professionalism as well as incorporate the correct colors that represent the center and were used for the card and feedback form from earlier work.


UCT carries extensive experience in producing these required marketing material, and as soon as they began working on them, the businessmen center felt confident and assured that the work to be done will turn out satisfactory and more. The corporate profile was constructed alongside with the flyer, both incorporating original content written in English, Arabic and as well as Hindi for the flyer. The profile was written to include details about each service the center offers, while the flyer was directed as a services guide, including mostly the names of the services which users can refer to for a quick review at the center.

The Results

The newly prepared material by UCT had left the businessmen center quite impressed with the efforts provided and the level of extended professional service from the team at UCT. While the 28 pages corporate profile served a good use for marketing campaigns and presentations, the business card, 3-fold flyer and feedback form made for a great addition at the center, displaying professionalism as well as customer-care.