About the client:

Based in Dubai – UAE, Smartify is a turkey IT based solutions specializing in smart buildings. Smartify technology and systems allows users to make sure of modern technologies to integrate smart and automated systems into their homes that include security systems, networking, telecoms and much more.

Branding / Identity


As they start their journey, Smartify naturally was looking to develop their marketing material and the first step was to create the branding guideline book. Since this would be the face of the company, it was very important for their identity to be as eye-catching as possible and send across the right image. Having experimented with different agencies that bid to carry out this task, Smartify just weren’t fully satisfied with the results, either the color scheme didn’t match well, the chosen font didn’t convey that “smart-technological” feeling or the work done was too abstract and not meaningful enough.


Once UCT began working with Smartify, the first step that UCT did was handing over a full guide on branding identity design and a presentation about their logo design which clearly specifies the colors, the logo shapes and the philosophy behind the choices taken into consideration. After that the two teams worked together on coming up with a creative mix of colors, fonts and an appealing design that would portray the business ideas of Smartify.

Once the team at Smartify was happy with the finalized identity and logo design, the created branding was applied to the company’s letterhead, business cards and other identity materials, and now the chosen shades of black, red and white have become associated with the Smartify and makes it easy to identify them from miles away.

Website Development


Once the company branding had been done, it was time to work on the website. Given that Smartify provides high quality and advanced IT solutions, it was very crucial that the website was on par with the level of the advanced technology solutions offered at Smartify. Since Smartify was comfortable and quite happy with the work done for the brand identity, they wanted to see this task done through and though by the team at UCT as well. So it was up to UCT to ensure not to disappoint Smartify and develop a responsive website that exceeds their expectations.


UCT wanted to impress Smartify further, but now with their web development skills. And indeed UCT was not just talk and no action, as they began developing the website, even the first developed prototypes impressed the team. UCT then continued to include smart features such as responsive design, animated blocks and of course respecting the created brand image of white, black and red and spreading that throughout the whole website which gave the website the proper feeling of Smartify branding. As final touches, UCT added a few original designs around the pages to give it a captivating look which attracts the reader’s eyes.

Company Profile / Brochure


At a later stage, to complete the package, Smartify required a company profile. However, since they faced several issues with other providers, and what they saw online seemed quite generic and bland, they returned to UCT for the crafting of a company profile that well suits their needs. Smartify was confident in UCT’s ability to prepare a professional, creative and well organized profile that they can add to their collection of marketing material.


UCT of course welcomed Smartify’s request and began creating the company profile page by page, giving each one the attention it deserves and even extra. Making use of the correct font-style that will clearly represent the image Smartify wants to convey. Going for an approach that will make the profile convenient to read and browse through, both online and offline, UCT made sure the design and layout were cleverly crafted for this purpose. The final deliverable consisted of 13 pages and now Smartify includes the whole profile uploaded on their website for viewers to read.

The Results

After partnering with UCT, Smartify is now a fully established brand, and embarked into the market soon after their branding identity was completed. The website’s completion and the constructed company profile had provided the company with an edge to be able to present themselves both online and offline, and be recognized for their work from just a quick glance.