About the client:

The Emirates Business Directory (EmiratesBD) began with a team that had a vision to break the monotony of the yellow pages and include an online business directory that not only served as a search and find function, but also include several other interactive features, such as advertising, interactive, newsfeed, rating system, events, blogs and much more.

EmiratesBD Website:


In order to achieve this ambitious goal, a strong and capable website was required, as it is going to include thousands of company listings and must be maintained daily. Finding the right supporting platform, including the correct categories, and integrating the additional features were key to the success of the directory and to set it apart from the rest of the competition.


UCT joined forces with the EmiratesBD to begin working on constructing the website that would serve as the Emirates BD’s actual directory in addition to being a company website. With extensive research and smart features integration, the long and fruitful work gave birth to a website that was capable to run the scope that a business directory required, featuring listings that can be filtered by categories and location, as well as including the features that made the directory unique and more of a buzzing social hub that allows users to interact with each other via the website’s tools

The Result

The website developed not only allowed listing, but it also included a creative blog, a newsfeed, an events calendar as well as advertising space for companies to use. Companies log in daily to list their businesses, and of course for individuals to access the website and find the businesses or services they are looking for. The directory included several membership tiers that offered clients a handful of useful features that will help them grow their presence online.

EmiratesBD Identity

The challenge

Any website needs a personality, a theme to represent it, and a lack of identity will harm not just the website, but also the company as a whole. Therefore, when UCT took on the challenge to create the directory’s platform for EmiratesBD, a strong foundation was needed to build the platform on. It was of great importance to create an identity fitting for the business directory, professional but also directs users and viewers towards the extra features and unique services the EmiratesBD offers. EmiratesBD is very dedicated to its brand management and thus UCT will show the same level of dedication to ensure this task is done and promotes EmiratesBD’s growth.

The solution

The first step was creating the logo for EmiratesBD. The logo is the main identifier of any company’s business; therefore, it was a given that EmiratesBD must have a distinguishable logo that will enable it to stand out and be recognized from afar. With a smart choice of colors, designs and their dimensions, UCT utilized the professional image the shades of blue provide and added in a golden shade that gives it a sense of belonging to the United Arab Emirates golden sands color. This was adopted across the website, with a professional white background and attractive blocks and panels were to make its overall look further appealing. UCT ensured this new identity can be utilized across the other marketing material that EmiratesBD will require in the future.

EmiratesBD Company Profile

The challenge

As the business directory platform was being constructed, naturally it was time to also create a competent company profile that will suit the scope of such an ambitious directory. EmiratesBD found the partnership with UCT to be quite reliable, and the website was progressing in a positive direction, so they had good faith that UCT will deliver the profile they require. The main necessity was to ensure the profile clearly laid out the uniqueness of EmiratesBD, and how it differs from a regular monotonous database of just lists and numbers. As the directory is a new business, it was indeed of key importance for UCT to creatively outline these points.

The Solution

As UCT has extensive experience in building profiles that properly match and reflects the client’s identity, they began constructing the profile with this mindset. Going forward they had established the main required points and had done extensive research in order to provide a profile written with competitive and unique content that displays proper understanding of the market. The profile first included a brief about the EmiratesBD, a not overly long intro and straight to the point to catch a reader’s attention. And then its uniqueness were highlighted point by point, all laid out in clever and appealing designs to keep readers interested. It then ended with a high note summarizing the profile with additional benefits and services that can be attained while listing or using the directory.

Live-chat Solution

The Challenge

A business directory with hundreds, if not more, listings being added and visitors to the website daily, is as busy as a beehive. At any given moment, a customer or a visitor might have an inquiry about any of the various services offered at the platform. Hence, a reliable customer service solution was required, one which would provide instant service to customers while maintaining a professional front and would also offer convenient management and coordination between the several customer service members to ensure a proficient service.

The Solution

UCT’s project management and development team got together to integrate a smart Live-chat solution system within the platform. The live-chat enabled several departments to be created within the platform, which then allowed multiple assigned users to be logged in and begin responding to customers. Customers would be able to select who they can contact and direct their queries to the concerned department, and then receive their customer care within seconds. The live-chat solution provided by UCT had several smart features ranging from canned messages, to demographics data and reports, storing and back up and converting chats into Emails to further enhance the customer service experience.

The Results

The combined effort of the identity, the profile and then the live-chat solution, has equipped EmiratesBD with further tools that they were able to take advantage of in order to set out and achieve their objective. Not only they had a unique professional identity, but also a profile they can confidently utilize to present their unique points, but also a dynamic customer service solution that will allow them to provide on-spot support for their clients and website visitors.