About the client

Crescent Middle East Trading & Oil-field Services (CMETS) Group are a diversified ISO 9001:2008 certified based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with branches in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Initially established as a trading company. Shortly after; CMETS has developed into a mid-size Engineering, Trading and System Integrator Group of companies. Eventually, CMETS has forged for itself a respected reputation of expertise and excellence by efficiently catering to the needs of various industries by supplying supreme quality and reliable products and by providing specialist services.

Branding / Identity


CMETS wanted to recreate their brand identity and have a new material for themselves, but they were slightly skeptical of moving in this direction as they worried that any new designs might not properly portray what the company does, match their current logo or lose their defining identity in the process. They understood the sensitivity of the matter and wanted to fully be involved in the process and thus, they found UCT to be a perfectly reliable partner as the friendly team that was assigned to CMETS ensured that all the steps will be carried out carefully and only satisfactory will be provided.


UCT set out on this journey with CMETS and first started with providing them a full guide in order to instill trust show them that they don’t just work behind the curtains without being transparent. UCT mainly aimed at ensuring CMETS was comfortable with all design processes and steps that were being carried, starting the color scheme and the delicate designs that would match their current logo perfectly. As the work carried on, UCT incorporated the spirit of what CMETS already had into the material was crafted and tailored, which left CMETS with nothing short of high praises for UCT.

Company Profile Development


Given the high quality of work that was done on the new identity material for CMETS and how the team worked with such a mix of professionalism and friendliness, they wanted to continue further and had asked UCT to now compile a company profile that is on the same level of the service provided before. It was of course of utmost importance to keep the same high-spirited attitude and level of detailed that was done with the identity and reflect that in the work on the company profile. The profile of course had to incorporate quite a few technical details due to the nature of CMETS’ business and UCT up for the task.


Carrying on with the same transparent work procedure, UCT’s dedicated team worked very closely and step by step with CMETS to begin constructing the company profile. Starting with a proper and precise introduction about the company, and then moving onto their core values, eventually providing all the details pertaining to CMETS’ services, the profile was written and designed with full originality and delicacy while avoiding the use of any plagiarized or ready-made material.

The Results

UCT was able to achieve the perfect company profile that CMETS was looking for. The details of the services were not too technical or out of touch even for those who are not familiar with the technicalities of this type of industry, but it also didn’t deviate from the point at hand. Including what was done with the new identity material, the team at CMETS expressed great gratitude for the work and effort done by the team at UCT.