Social Media Advertising

Social media today is an accepted part of a company’s marketing: about 70% of companies have a Facebook page and up to 80% a Twitter account. The average Fortune 500 company spends $19m on social media a year. Social media marketing is art that with the right solution can increase much your sales and revenue. All the social media platforms offer their marketing tools today like Facebook Pages, Twitter targeted ads, etc. We also have written a lot about methods of social media advertising. But pushing advertisements no longer work, you need a more strategic approach, here are some other solutions on the most popular social networks.

Advertising on Facebook

You already know a lot about ads on Facebook. It will rather create your brand’s awareness than produce sales. However, you still need to use it. There are some tips you have probably forgotten about:
  • Make your Facebook posts with a photo. They will generate 120% more engagement than just text.
  • Not too long, please! Posts that are shorter than 250 characters have 60% more engagement.
  • Days of the week? Important! Thursdays and Fridays have 18% higher engagement.
  • Write your posts with questions! They willhave the double engagement.



Twitter Ads

Twitter is an inmense source of new customers. People don’t tweet only about events or random things, they are also looking for advice or produccts. There is very nice web app that can help businesses convert conversations into customers, it is called SocialCentiv. The platform lets search Twitter for potential clients using targeting metrics: location or those who are intrested in your product exactly. Being a coffee house you have to search for tweets with, for instance,  ”need coffee” and directly respond to a customer. The app has a free 7-day trial, so go ahead! gShift monitors keywords, influencers, associated terms, hashtags on Twitter in real-time and helps businesses to create engaging content.

twitter ads

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is the fifth most popular social media network but its users are the second-most devoted! More than a half of the users access the platform every (!) day -57% that is only 6% less than Facebook but 11% more than Twitter. Show how exciting and innovative you and your company is. The main tip for your advertising on Instagram will be user-generated content: it will get better engagement than, for example, content generated by businesses. Try out an Instagram photo contest to create a catalog of images you can use down the line and generate leads! There can be lots of answers for the question what is a trending key for different social networks. HashAtIt guides the process by finding out what’s popular and new in real time. The app collects updates, tweets, posts and allows users to search for the most popular hashtags on all these social networks in one place. HootSuite is another solution that is really essential. With this management dashboard you can manage social networks, schedule posts, analyze traffic, track conversions, and measure your social media campaign results. Try it as well! By: lia