Social Media Data Mining

So you have business on Facebook or Twitter; maybe also. But just having different profiles isn’t enough. The essential key to success is how effective they are. Below you will see some tools you can use to measure how engaging your social media presence is.

Track your social media data

  1. Traffic: Programs like Google Analytics help you see how much traffic is being referred to your website or profile. Use the Traffic Sources tab and you can check any social media site you choose.
  2. Quality and relevance: Track three important pieces of data; unique page views, time on page and total pages viewed. This can be done in Google Analytics by clicking the Content tab and then Overview.
  3. Voice: Tools like Social Mention are good for figuring out this data. And you can use a simple equation to get your share of voice.
  4.  Engagement: Social CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, tools are good for creating dashboards that track your customers’ data while monitoring your growth and engagement levels. Social Sprout is a popular tool that not only gives you basic engagement metrics, but also recommends areas where you could improve.
  5. Sentiment should be tracked manually, as only a real human can determine whether comments are positive or not. To track sentiment, go through all of your mentions and tag them as positive, negative or neutral. You want to shoot for an upward trend in positive mentions over time.
Each website has its own ways to gather data regarding your profile’s success so they require different tools. These site specific tools collect stats for you and can update you daily, depending on your preferences. differ data It can be a hassle for you to measure each site’s data on your own, even with multiple site-specific tools. If you have an abundance of social media profiles, then a monitoring dashboard tool might be the right way to go. monitoring dashboard tools RSS feeds can be used to combine the information received on your social media sites regsrding changing data. In other words, your social media feeds can be kept in one place and monitored to see how your customer interactivity is shifting. RSS feeds Using aggregators to display Internet trends can be very useful. It can help you focus your posts and make more informed decisions about how to interact with your customers on a social level.

improve with aggregators

Aside from tracking your profile’s success there are other forms of measurable data that you should consider. other measurable data   By: lia