Improve your SEO with Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your favourite websites can be very useful if you want to review them later or save them in case you need to use them. But what is social bookmarking? It’s basically a more public version of bookmarking. With it you can tag your favourite websites and save them for later, but you can also share them with other people. Instead of saving them to your computer, you save them to an online platform. This has also the advantage that it works both ways, so you can see what people in your network are saving and sharing. Social Bookmarking There are several online platforms for social bookmarking. In them you can create pages and sections to sort the marked content. Here are some of the most popular social bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon_logoStumbleUpon Very easy to use. You simply download the toolbar after you register and start browsing. When you find a website you like, click on the “thumbs up” button to share it in StumbleUpon and other users will be able to see it. It’s free.   Delicious_logoDel.icio.us Another popular website for social bookmarking. You can search by different tags, and filter your searches by popularity or by most recent. It’s also free and you can access directly with your Facebook or Twitter details.   blokube logoBlokube Aimed at blogging, SEO/SEM and web development experts, Blokube is a platform that allows users to vote for each other’s articles. It is known for being one of the best social bookmarking sites for bloggers.   dzone-logoDZone Especially meant for developers and programmers, DZone enables sharing of the home page stories via Twitter. It’s a free where you can have a very basic profile, and interaction is restricted to story comments and forum sharing.

Social bookmarking for SEO

Social bookmarking is a great SEO tool that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website. It can also increase social signals and make your content easier to share. By bookmarking your content what you are doing is increasing your visibility and, at the same time, improving the chances of being better ranked. Traffic generation is largely dependant upon the content you post on social bookmarking sites. An appealing title and quality content will help you drive traffic to your website. And also, you must bear in mind that, as it happens with all social networks, the key to be successful is to be social. The more links and bookmarks you submit, the more traffic you will obtain to your site. Advertising on Social Bookmarking One of the oldest bookmarking website Delicious has recently released a new version of its API. Now it´s more secure and gives control over data that passes through the platform control your data. Moreover, it will start to run advertising content on the website.

Delicious has chosen its API announcement as the same time to tell that they will soon launch advertising. There are no details of how this ad may look but it should be transparent to users and iterative. Moreover, we understand that it gives the company the freedom to try out various things to see what really works. Advertisers and marketers usually need a significant amount of data on how sites are used before making spending decisions. So API will go ahead being able to provide this kind of reporting.

Best social bookmarking sites for advertising

First  of all, Facebook allows you to build a page dedicated for your business and your business has to be managed separately from your private page. You can popularize your service on Facebook through paid advertising. With Facebook you can choose your best target market. If you’re providing an item which is of interest to 30 something females, you are able to aim the advertising campaign at once to them.   Furl is a social bookmarking site similar to del.icio.us. It´s an easy and free way to organise your favourite content on the web. When you add an item to your Furl account, it archives a copy of the page, so later it will be quite quick and easy for you to retrieve. Free registration provides you with 5 GB of personal space to save your personalised links in.      Blinklist allows you to bookmark sites with the click of a button on your toolbar. You can share your lists or keep them private.   digg Digg helps users to post to their blog, leave links to webpages or articles. Also this social bookmarking website has different categories to browse through in order to find the information and statistics you need.   farkFark has sports, politics, music, and business categories on the main page. It allows you to browse others´ bookmarked sites by topic.     By: Helena