Mobile Marketing Strategies

Text Message Marketing: SMS Today it is one of the most invaluable solutions to marketers: high read and engagement rate, low price. These tips will help you on your way to success: 1. Delivery rate tells you how many messages were delivered, if the rate is late, cleanse your list of customers. 2. Open rate measures how many subscribers open a particular SMS campaign, normally expressed as a percentage: message open rate is very high, it can exceed 98%. 3. Opt-out rate tells the number of recipients who opt out after receiving an SMS campaign. If an opt out is high, you have targeted the incorrect audience. sms marketing4. Clickthrough rate measures the proportion of subscribers who acted because the ad redirected them to another page (the average rate of URLs included in SMS is 19%). 5. Conversion rate means the proportion of visitors who take a valuable action (a purchase, signup, phone call, etc.) Mobile advertising As the usage of smartphones rose, mobile banner advertising has become extremely popular: it increases brand awareness and sales. Click-through rate will show you how well your ad works, if it is low, probably you should change the design or the whole ad because it is irrelevant.  Mobile apps App downloads have reached 70 billion last year, so your presence in one of app markets will lead you to a new level in business. Here you also have to track various key metrics: amount of downloads, usage and engagement apps, analyze your users’s devices, place, time and date they use your app. Understand your user.

Measure Mobile Marketing Effectivity

Track your mobile marketing campaign to know if it is working and generating return on investment. Look how your efforts are reaping success. Agree on relevant metrics and measure them by using appropriate tools. When using and understanding the metrics, you stop looking at your users as numbers: they are real people who interact with your website, app or mobile marketing campaign. Help your customers to enjoy using your content and come back.   By: lia