Mobile Marketing Metrics

The best way to know if your mobile marketing campaign is working is to analyze its key areas and identify the key metrics. It will help you to improve your future campaigns. Lots of tools have been developed to measure mobile metrics like google Analytics, Flurrym Apsalar, Mixpanel etc. However, what are the most important metrics you should be measuring? We advise you to focus your attention and efforts on the following: User acquisition Building an app or creating a mobile website is complicated business and it is essential to attract users: explore how your clients found you, whether the keywords are actually driving traffic to your site, what platforms and devices are sending the majority of traffic, work out the average screen size in order to improve your design strategy.

Engagement You have acquired users, find out more info about their engagement levels:
  1. App activation rate. Some users just sign up for the app but then don’t have further engagement. Look at those who stay active and nurture them. If your app activation stats are low: are confirmation emails necessary?
  2. Time spent on site and particular pages: are the customers engaged by the key pages that convert to sales?
  3. Email response. How many users sign up to newsletters, what are the open rates and link clicks? What devices do your customers read all this on? Don’t make big mistakes by sending emails that are not responsive.
  4. Advocacy. Analyse customers’ reviews and comments, if they share your information and engage with the polls, not just “like”.
  5. Unsubscribe rates. Measure uninstall, unsubscribe rates that will tell you if your clients are getting disenchanted.
user engagement Conversion This metrics show how successful your mobile marketing strategy is:
  1. Coupon redemption: how many people have redeemed their coupons?
  2. Average revenue per user that will tell you how much your average mobile user is spending, and if it’s higher than the user acquisition cost.
h   By: Lia