Zeta Lumen

Zeta Lumen is a leading provider of efficient lighting solutions with a perfect record of fulfilling the expectations and requirements of their clients. A company with truly everything but an introductory material.

Before contacting UCT, they've tried several design and marketing companies with no satisfying results. All their recommendations included designs focused on Zeta Lumen's quality, cost & power efficiency, etc… But Zeta Lumen wanted much more.

We've managed to earn their satisfaction by creating a company profile that reflects Zeta Lumen's beliefs that the right illumination can inspire the best innovations and ideas. The words, images, and colors we've used accentuate how lightning can affect the features of its surroundings. Our focus upon Zeta Lumen's attitude towards green and LED lighting was also a plus that contributed to a perfect result. Our efforts resulted in more client publicity, more customers and more sales.