About the client:

Since its inception in 1980, ZAS Contracting has been delivering various reputable projects accomplished to the highest degree of client satisfaction. They're identified among the best construction companies in the region renowned for their Azizi Riviera project and many more.

ZAS plays an exceptional role in the UAE's building and contracting industry, with total commitment to the growth of the communities residing inside.


This commitment was the motivating force behind not only realizing the problem but also taking measures to solve it. The problem was the absence of a strong brand which is crucial for any management that understands the value of marketing. ZAS came to us with a determination to reshape their marketing and introductory material in an attractive manner that disregards no critical component of a construction company.

Without hesitation, UCT's experts went to the drawing boards to create a comprehensive design package that conveys ZAS' commitment to the highest standards, wide spectrum of projects and long record of experience.


After getting to know ZAS well, we were able to develop a branding package supported by a company profile design that truly encompasses the company's core values as well as a prequalification document design that reflects its capabilities.

Brand Identity Enhancement:

Our thorough understanding of our client enabled us to effectively communicate the brand identity that our experts have visualized by using the perfect colors and fonts. We were able to accentuate the qualities that make ZAS unique without repeating the disappointing mistakes of companies previously hired by ZAS. A simple comparison between the old logo and the new one clearly illustrates the UCT touch.

Company Profile Reproduction:

Emerging from the identity package we've created for ZAS is a modern company profile that breathes excitement into the readers. We take pride in our success with delivering design and content that highlights the exceptional history of completed projects that span the UAE.

Prequalification Document Creation:

Because it's a crucial part of any bidding process, UCT's staff of seasoned professionals designed a Prequalification Document for ZAS as another tool in their marketing arsenal. In this document, there is information about every product and service necessary to assure that ZAS has the requisite resources and experience to complete any job as required.


ZAS' decision to ask UCT for help turned out to be a wise one. The package we've created was a perfect addition to their buying/selling mechanism. It was found valuable for generating customers. The way the new identity integrates with the profile and the prequalification document helped visitors, prospects and potential partners find all the info they need about ZAS time-efficiently and in a captivating manner.

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