Procure Pacific

Procure Pacific Group is made up of three independent divisions which are well known for providing first-class material manufacturing and industrial supplies, including product support, secured stocks, value-added services, and after-sale support.

To keep up with the fast-moving pace of the region's industrial sector, and to match the rising customer awareness level, Procure Pacific decided it's time to acquire the services of a competent design & marketing company, hence the relationship between the group and UCT.

For Procure Pacific to unlock the full potential of digital and printed marketing, UCT threw in its full weight to produce a company profile and a professional presentation to facilitate Procure Pacific's introduction.

A new company profile

No efforts were saved in creating a company profile that underlines the value added by Procure Pacific to standard engineering and procurement services. We worked hard to deliver - through the profile's content, shapes and colors - this client's capabilities in project management, consultancy and manpower support.

A powerful presentation

Besides the company profile, our intervention to enrich Procure Pacific's introduction material took the form of a professional business presentation that addresses the construction needs of Middle Eastern prospects.

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