Marhaba Supermarket

About the client:

Marhaba is a new, luxurious and welcoming supermarket chain concept in UAE with 100% GCC ownership, and more than 20 years' retail experience in Saudi Arabia, UAE and African markets. They benefit from the expertise of their deep-rooted sister companies: Siraj Medher Company [KSA] and Just Moment General Trading JMGT (Dubai).

A unique customer experience:

Unlike your everyday supermarket, the Marhaba chain has several distinguishing points that set them apart. Marhaba's interior is custom made using elegant fit-out material to guarantee a pleasant, favorable and tidy environment. Their facilities are equipped with solutions to aid people with disabilities, they're equipped with a self-checkout service, shop-to-door delivery and many more.


It was a true disappointment for a brand that has all these characteristics not to have an effective channel for announcing this uniqueness to the world. Especially since their business strategy focuses on launching a new outlet every few months to better serve their customers throughout all of Emirates and GCC.

Such an expansive strategy requires captivating, effective and thorough marketing and introduction material that convey what Marhaba is all about, and this was the reason Marhaba requested the services of UCT.


UCT saw fit to equip Marhaba with a professional company profile and a corporate presentation to help them get the key message that they want out there both digitally and tangibly to fill the absence in Marhaba's marketing means.

Developing a company profile:

UCT employed their full capacity to produce a company profile design package with a tailored content centered on the term “Marhaba” and the warm welcome the concept represents. 

We've made sure that the design mirrors the supermarket's luxurious interior and theme. The new profile demonstrated Marhaba's commitments to pleasing its customers by accentuating their strength points as well as their premium quality and reasonably priced products. Their support for organic products was another pillar that supports the profile. Furthermore, the profile was the core on which a corporate presentation was created to give Marhaba more flexibility in introducing themselves.

An effective corporate presentation:

To further enhance Marhaba's connection with prospects, and for their clear advantages over competitors not to go unheard of, UCT's business presentation development team created an original set of slides supported by attractive and carefully-chosen multimedia elements that support an accurate, concise and charming script. This presentation goes hand in hand with the created company profile to fully cover the brand's capabilities. 


"Our experience with UCT has been clearly positive", quoting our client's management. "The consultants at UCT have guided us toward the precise touch of perfection we were missing".

The two marketing elements fitted the Marhaba brand perfectly, they formed a whole solution. After digital and paper publication and distribution, the customers flow skyrocketed. Various surveys with customers who interacted with the newly-created material made it clearly obvious that UCT was successful in keeping the Marhaba's branding and messaging consistent across both tasks.

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