WAYOUT Beauty Salon

Since 2009, Wayout Beauty Salon has been providing clients with a wide variety of hair, beauty and spa services with an extreme sense of professionalism, hygiene ambiance & cleanliness and high-quality products, brands and services. They operate through various branches across Dubai.

Wayout's management has had various plans for expanding into more locations in Dubai and the UAE. To achieve such goal, the salon needed promotional material that meets the county's high standards. 

UCT suggested creating a new company profile where clean fonts and elegant color combinations bring forward the brand's tasteful sense. The content must deliver the salon's wide range of services in a comprehensible manner, all while accentuating the qualities that make Wayout Salon unique.

"UCT knows the image their client wants to get out there, they really know how to promote", commented the Wayout management, after expressing satisfaction with the sales that followed the profile's publication.

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