Tanami Holding (Kuwait)

Tanami Limited is a licensed trading and brokerage company in the United Arab Emirates, with long years of proven experience in the domain dealing with a wide range of goods and products such as gold, diamonds, precious metals, oil & gas, machinery, commodities, and many more.

Tanami was in need for a robust marketing and introductory package that can express the company's spirit and summarize its extensive range of services in an elegant manner. This need called for a total identity creation and a company profile design. 

A complete brand identity remake:

Since UCT specializes in creating exceptional brand experiences for their clients, they've provided Tanami with a brand identity that exceeds what they were looking for. The logo, fonts and color combinations we've chosen fully communicated the professionalism and vast experience of Tanami. 

A new company profile development

This well-known trading services provider deserved nothing less than a company profile that's able to promote their marketing messages, identify their complete services and demonstrate their abilities to customize each service to the specific client.

This collaboration between UCT and Tanami granted the latter marketing flexibility perfect for maintaining and increasing the publicity of an already successful business.

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