Arman Group

About the Client:
Arman Group is a multi-disciplined construction business with an experience of more than 25 years, with offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, to offer widespread construction services throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Their long experience helped the group to build a worthy reputation as one of the regions' best construction companies. Their operations cover a wide range of activities principally in main contracting, but also in design, build and finance, industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

Contracts vary in size and type but the company is involved in large and complex projects in commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, hospitality and residential.


Because of this client's wide range of services and project sectors, they were used to receive the statement "I didn’t know you did that" a lot. A considerable number of their potential clients reported difficulty in being aware of all the services they provided and the areas they operate in.

To solve this issue, Arman's management decided that it's time to make a response marketing package developed to allow them to re-promote their services in a more specific yet attractive manner.


Arman entrusted UCT to be their partner in re-introducing their message to the world hoping for a positive experience. 

UCT's approach to designing Arman's new company profile started with a thorough analysis of the company and their competitors in the building business. We've made advantage of being a design and marketing professional that understands the challenges faced by contractors and the available response methods.

Then we moved to using a combination of client attraction and information delivery tactics delivered through captivating designs where the photography and imagery are packed with impressive and breathtaking feelings. 


Working with a professional marketing company gave Arman a huge advantage. We've successfully delivered their message and identified their services and capabilities in a new design that caused major positive feedback. 

The new profile helped upgrade the Arman brand, and lead to an easier access to clients and markets and generated more sales. It also made it easier to secure long-term contracts.

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