Alsir Tailoring

Alsir Tailoring has been providing its clients with the look of luxurious, handmade evening and wedding dresses, with exclusive designs since 2001. Their selected agents in Italy, Lebanon & UAE ensure the delivery of top-quality products.

By always expanding the range of their services, and the areas of their operations, Alsir is one of those companies who require a constant update in their brand's look and promotion material. It was UCT's pleasure to introduce them a new company profile and a modern brand identity.

An elegant brand identity:

Designing the new Alsir logo, letterheads, business cards and label tags took into consideration various elements covered with genuine taste and creativity. The fonts, curves and shapes were perfectly customized to showcase Alsir's aesthetic view and unique experience.

Modernizing their company profile:

It was UCT's pleasure to aid this aspiring fashion provider by creating a company profile that mirrors their taste, professionalism and expertise while displaying their wide service area.

The results were nothing but total satisfaction, enhanced publicity, more customers and more sales.