Arcline Interior Design

About the client

Arcline is an interior design company that offers comprehensive consultation on decorative issues, layout customization, color scheme, furniture, lighting and all other accessories required. Additionally, they also specialize in Turnkey Solutions, Landscape Consultancy as well as offering full project management for interior projects.


To complete their portfolio, Arcline required a professional company profile that layouts the company’s information and services. With the base of their operations being in Dubai, UAE, they approached UCT and entrusted the task of constructing the company profile to them. As naturally the field of interior design represents creativity, the requested content from UCT had to be equally creative as it will be the face of the company when Arcline presents their services to their prospects.


UCT utilized its extensive experience in building company profile’s, that not only contains the required content in a professional and a creative manner but also stays true to the respective company’s brand and image, made for the development of a well-constructed and creative profile. The Company profile UCT provided to Arcline was comprehensive but also not overly lengthy as to not scatter the reader’s mind. It contained just the right amount of content to fully convey exactly what Arcline was looking for while placing designs and spreading out the written text in a creative and eye-catching manner.


Arcline had now a powerful corporate profile to circulate around they were able to utilize the provided profile to inform their new clients about themselves, what work they had done, as it contained a portfolio of their work, all laid out nicely throughout the provided work.

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