Amro Taher Maghrabi Law Firm (KSA)

About the client

AMTM Law Firm is a professional and dedicated legal consultancy and advocating office, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The office provides its services to cover all parts of the Kingdom. AMTM’s duties comprise protecting people’s rights, safeguarding their interests and guiding them toward the best decisions that comply with the regulations adopted within the country. The same is true for juridical persons, whether regarding organizations or corporations.


As a law firm, AMTM required exceptionally professional content and designs for solutions that were necessary to the firm. Those solutions were in the form of a company profile and four different brochures. Stepping up to this task was UCT, who has the vast experience of dealing with a professional nature firm, such as a legal one. It was of utmost importance to capture not only the brand image of AMTM, but also ensure the layout of the brochure projected the client’s nature of business.


Starting with constructing a fresh, new, and specially tailored theme for AMTM, the work carried on from there to transform and be created in the professional image of the law firm. The end results were a very appealing profile and a brochure that indeed were able to give away the nature of AMTM’s services from just a quick glance while the constructed theme matched perfectly with the client’s brand image. The content in both deliverables was written after a full understanding of the client’s business and competitors, in which the team at UCT had carried out a thorough competitor analysis to ensure what was created for AMTM stands out from the rest and sets them apart as a unique firm in their domain.

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