Al Yasmin Interiors & Decoration

About the client

Al Yasmin is an interior design company with unique design ideas, such as the mixing of classic and modern designs together to create a unique interior and a captivating interior space. The company first started as a family business over 20 years ago, by its founder Mrs Hanan Abdul Aziz.

The challenge

Al Yasmin approached UCT to construct a new company profile and rework their identity with fresh new material including:

  • New color scheme
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards

Al Yasmin had expressed concern on reworking their identity, as they didn’t want to completely change their existing image at the time, but they still needed a breath of fresh air into the company’s content and material. Therefore, it was in the hands of UCT to take this task while ensuring Al Yasmin’s wishes came true in terms of what they had in mind for the re-design.

The Solution

UCT worked with Al Yasmin to ensure an elegant design for their new identity and for the constructed company profile which reflected the high level of elegancy that Al Yasmin provides to their clients. The profile included various images which were a mix of creative images and actual work done by Al Yasmin. This provided a real feel of what Al Yasmin does and made the profile appealing to read when presented.

The Result

Naturally, the work done by UCT had fulfilled the client’s needs as the re-worked material still carried the image that it had twenty years ago, but now with a brand new shine of light. Al Yasmin had noticed how UCT’s departments all worked in harmony to provide the material that all matched well together with flowing rhythm and soul behind it.

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