Adonis Chemicals

About the Client

Adonis is a pharmaceutical supply chains and distribution managers, connecting manufacturers with healthcare providers. The company began with a special vision of care and extending help to people around the world by improving their access to affordable and high-quality medicines. Adonis operates from Dubai, UAE, which is a vital central hub, allowing for trade routes across the globe easily.

The Challenge

Adonis contacted had contacted several agencies within Dubai and outside of Dubai as well who had presented them with ideas for their logo and requested profile. But none of the results were satisfactory and the material felt very “default” for Adonis’ liking. That’s when they finally contacted UCT’s Dubai team and explained their struggle, to which UCT took on the challenge and begin working on a proper logo for the company, and at a later stage, a company profile.

The Solution

UCT designed a logo for Adonis that properly portrays the story behind their line of their work, cleverly including the letters and a hint of a design related to chemistry and medicine. Building further on that, the company profile was built around the color theme matching what the logo has. It was also necessary to pay special attention to the font-style to be used, as that was important in staying true to brand identity which was established for Adonis. Including the company’s services and several design elements and visual images spread out across the profile and matching their sections, made the profile quite interesting to read and impressed Adonis very much to the point that they recommended UCT to their partners and credited UCT whenever the material was used.

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