City Properties

About the Client

Since 2003, City Properties Real Estate has been a key influencer on the Emirati real estate market, delivering clients to safety when things were tough, and maximizing clients’ benefit when economy was booming. The result was an exquisite reputation backed up by years of experience in navigating the currents of real estate management all over the GCC region. City Properties’ portfolio features over 3700 properties across the Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and overseas including Malaysia and South Korea.

The Challenge

City Properties were looking for a capable agency to construct a suitable profile, both in Arabic and English, which goes along with the company’s international presence and their long history, beginning with their inception and covering their growing stages up to where they are today. The profile also needed to be fitting to cater to different audiences since the company had several operations outside of the UAE as well. City Properties faced an issue in which the sample profiles they got before were not versatile enough for multiple markets or the images were placed around too lazily, and sometimes they focused on one aspect while ignoring others.

The Solution

Responding to City Properties’ request, UCT began working on a company profile that would pull professionals to seek the help of City Properties for managing their properties, as well as clearly layout the company’s history in an attractive and systematic manner with each highlight clearly presented. Considering that City Properties also operated online, UCT paid special attention to show that they do operate online, but not exclusively, as not to spread any misconceptions or ignore their offline method operations, which other providers failed to do.

Overall, the profile struck a perfect balance of all services offered, which meant that readers would get to know exactly how City Properties operates, not just assuming they specialize in one service over the other.

The result

The delivered profile in both languages were not overly long ones, but also not very brief and still captured the information, company history and work done by City Properties.

UCT also included the achievements and certificates the group obtained and were able to present them in the profile in a very professional manner that flowed smoothly with the rest of the profile and not just a sloppy scan and paste job.

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