Global Health Fitness

About the Client

Global Health Fitness offers services related to Fitness and Wellbeing such as cutting-edge high-quality Gym Equipment, the most Effective Fitness Training Routines and the best quality Supplements. The company was founded by Zaher Moukahal, a well-known Middle Eastern Professional Body Builder and UAE champion.

The Challenge

Global Health Fitness required a high quality profile to be added to their collection in both Arabic and English. The key important factor for them was that the profile should maintain a perfect balance between a professional one, but also not extremely formal as their business focus on health and fitness targets difference audiences of all ages and classes. While they had decent samples and mock ups provided by other agencies, but they couldn’t settle on a profile that hit the sweet spot between casual and formal, especially for the Arabic profile.

The Solution

UCT’s experience of working with several types of businesses had played a major role in convincing Global Health Fitness that they are more than capable in providing an English and an Arabic profile that will exceptionally fit with their line of business. Using cleverly placed images, marketing quotes and citations following in-depth research, UCT was able to compile and put together a profile that was not just a copy-paste job. The included images gave the profile of a “sporty” feeling, while the included text gave it that professional feel, the several quotes and taglines spread throughout also served as an ice-breaker and catered to different audiences.

The result

Through the delivered profile Global Health Fitness were able to send their message across to their diverse target market. Moreover, it also served as a powerful marketing tool to convey their care about the general health and fitness of the community, as well as offering special deals and packages.