Gulf Gate Contracting (Arabic & English)

About the Client

Gulf Gate Contracting was established in 2009 and is based in Sharjah, United Arabic Emirates. They are a pioneer when it comes to building contracting, executing and managing premium construction related projects. Over the years they were involved in the construction of several key landmarks, villas, compounds and other commercial units.

The Challenge

Gulf Contracting required the aid of a talented agency to develop a suitable profile, both in Arabic and English. Their main focus was for the profile to be educational and stand out as informative and engaging. It was imperative for Gulf Contracting to entrust this task to someone capable of maintaining a professional level of service while also working closely with the team at Gulf Marketing to ensure all the points they wanted to send across are properly detailed in the final profile. After consulting with several agencies and viewing their proposals and provided samples, Gulf Marketing entrusted this task to the team at UCT.

The Solution

In order to prove to Gulf Contracting that UCT carries the necessary talent to begin working on the requested company profile, they first presented Gulf Contracting with a report of research and analysis done. This act had pulled Gulf Contracting to indeed seek the help of UCT for carrying out this task.

As UCT began the delicate work on the profile, they first laid out the company’s history in a very organized manner. Following with the later sections regarding each service and the company’s message about social responsibility and safety procedures, the entire profile carried a certain harmony that was one of a kind.

The result

The final profile was not just all text and words packed next to each other, all the content was evenly spread out to make for an attractive profile to look at, and this made for excellent material to present to existing and prospect clients.

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