AARTI Project Management

About the client

AARTI is a provider of a wide range of outstanding Project/Construction Management through an array of services applied to construction projects and programs, they handle all aspects from A to Z, starting from planning and designing to the construction and after construction processes, ensuring the achievement of all project objectives. AARTI is committed to a high standard of quality management, cost-effectiveness, and an efficient timeframe.


With AARTI being a leader in their domain they were in need of a solution to add great value to their arsenal of marketing material. The work done by AARTI was delicate as it dealt with construction management and that of course carries a huge responsibility with it. In order to attract the right customers and instill trust within them, they approached UCT for an idea of a design solution, to which UCT proposed constructing a full-fledged company profile. AARTI had before requested company profiles to be created by other providers, but they found that there was a large amount of unoriginal and plagiarized content, so they had their skepticism, to which UCT took the challenge to prove otherwise.


UCT combined the hard work and dedication of the content writing and graphic design teams to yield the best results in constructing a company profile that was clearly customized and tailored specifically to AARTI. UCT filled the profile with engaging and attracting content that will attract readers at a glance and also keep their interest going as they read.

The profile’s content was wisely written after full understanding of the client’s services and domain of business. The designs created were a perfect match with AARTI’s branding, cleverly using their identifying colors throughout. The profile clearly detailed AARTI’s mission and vision, their social responsibility as well as their attitude towards safety and guaranteed quality assurance. This was of utmost importance to AARTI as they are now able to present this profile to both their new and existing clients with confidence.

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