9 more reasons to market via SMS

sms-604x270   1- Reach and speed – your SMS is sent to a countless number of people at the same time and wherever your client may be in the world, he will receive your message almost instantly, and all of this at a low cost. This fast character of SMS marketing allows receivers to instantly opt in or out; all it takes is a keyword and a short code to send it to. It’s an unstoppable way to your customers; it meets no obstructions in its way, no filters. 2- Scheduling – when you have something to announce, you can schedule it anytime, to be sent anytime (7 days a week, 24 hours a day)! 3- Return on investment – every received message is read and 96% of these are read within 4 minutes, making them highly convertible and SMS marketing highly profitable. 4- It’s eco-friendly – it is an environmentally friendly medium, which helps you brand your company as oriented toward sustainable development. 5- Simplicity – sending and managing your campaigns is very simple through our web platform. 6- Interactivity – you can make messages interactive, enabling recipients to reply to them via short code and keyword. 7- Flexible platform – you can send as many messages as you need, text marketing being an incredibly adaptable tool. It has been successfully used to complete email marketing and fax broadcasting efforts. 8- Character limitation – text messages are limited to the length of 160 characters. Though your first thought might be that this is a bad thing, permit me to contradict you and try to make you understand the perks: your audience does not have enough patience to read all you’d like to write and this limitation will force you to get your message across fast and effectively; communicating only what is relevant and clearly stating what the receiver needs to do in order to profit from your offer. 9- Huge potential – every individual has a mobile phone and the probability of repetitive orders is very high.     By: Alexandra Rogin