How to measure mobile analytics

The use of mobile devices is increasing at a fast-paced rhythm. The countries with the highest smartphone penetration are the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Also, the amount of tablets exceeds the number of PCs per person in the world. Have you heard about adapting desktop websites to mobile devices? Of course you have. If you have a smartphone, you know what’s like to browse the internet using your mobile device and access a web page that’s not optimized for mobile and have a bad user experience. how to measure mobile analytics How many e-commerce websites are there on the World Wide Web? Thousands. How many of those also have an application? A lot. And now the important question is: how many of them adapted their e-commerce to mobile devices (m-commerce)? Although the number of those optimizing their website for mobile devices is growing, there’s still a great number that hasn’t done it yet. Mobile websites mean a much more wider reach of audience and a great mobile experience. Let’s say you have already taken the wise decision of building a mobile website for your business, but how do you measure your mobile website or your application’s success? There is a great number of analytics tools you can use for this. These tools will help you follow your mobile website or application’s traffic, which will help you decide if you need to make any changes in your website or app if the traffic rate is down.

Mobile analytics companies

These are some of the best mobile analytics tools available on the internet: Google Analytics google analytics for mobile devicesGoogle Analytics is the first that comes to one’s mind. Google Analytics recently improved its filters and segments. You can ‘strain’ mobile devices or even see who is using a tablet because Google Analytics now takes screen size into account. Localityics localytics analytics for mobileLocalytics is one of the most well-known analytics and marketing platform for mobile and apps. Its team worked with some important brands like Salesforce, eBay, Microsoft and The New York Times. Localytics offers analytics for more than 1 billion devices across more than 20,000 applications. Test Flight App testflightapp analytics for mobileTest Flight App is a company that follows your application’s traffic and overall success. It’s based in Santa Monica, USA. Some of the most important companies have used this tool: Spotify, Disney Mobile, Adobe, Discovery, Instagram, Halfbrick, Tumblr, etc. Geckoboard geckoboard analytics for mobileGeckoboard is an analytics company based in London, UK. It was voted as one of London’s 20 hottest startups by the Guardian. Among its most famous customers are Groupon, Gdgt and Atlassian. They have an application, but it’s only available for iOS devices.

Mobile analytics metrics

As the number of users using mobile applications rises every day more and more, the need to gather and follow accurate metrics from them becomes very important. In order to analyze your app’s success level and its users’ behavior, so you can improve it until it’s perfect and your rate is up, you must measure inputs. The basic metrics inputs you need to consider are these:
  1. Funnel analysis lets you detect what are the parts of your application that aren’t letting you reach your business goals. Comprehending the way these activities channel people to your desired business goal is crucial to creating an efficient app.
  2. Social media is one of the most important elements in the promotion and advertising of your app. When you handle social networks, you must track how much your app spreaded. It’s more complicated than simply counting the number of Facebook ‘likes’ and tweets. You should comprehend the structure of the social media you want to use for advertising your app.
  3. Mobile application interfaces are hierarchical, which means that there is a wide variety of screens that are able to display only a small amount of information that users have to surf through. There isn’t enough screen space to show a lot of information at once. That’s why a hierarchical design of the screen is crucial to an efficient use of the app.
  4. Location is a very important element of the mobile user experience, and many mobile analytics companies will offer to analyze location. Analyzing location is important, but it’s not enough. You must track and analyze time and space together.