Why design & profits go hand in hand!


    People don’t take advantage of your offers because they don’t trust brands they haven’t heard off – the solution? Online marketing – get your brand identity and offers out there! If you want to have a successful business, you need to know a thing or two about marketing. One of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix is Promotion – this element is very important because it’s the one that helps businesses differentiate themselves from their competition. Promotion is all about design, designers are the ones who put the ideas into images – by doing so they not only make people see and understand the value of the offer that is presented to them, but also help your business to connect with your customers in order to establish a great customer relationship. Designers with experience in the advertising domain have developed a sixth sense; knowing what people are attracted to. They understand how customers think and know exactly how to convey your offer in a way that informs and persuades the reader in the same time. Our designers understand the thought process of various advertisement readers and create advertisements that appeal to both the B2C and B2B audiences. They bring your company’s objectives and the customer interests together; this way of visual communication accompanying a short persuasive written message gets the ideas across and benefits both parties. The secret is to make your offer appeal to consumer at a primal level, to make your offer appear exclusive and time sensitive. The designer has the task to visually express the functionality and aesthetics of the product, the process and benefits of a service and push the customer toward buying by calling him to action. The colour red, for example, is tied to our basic instincts and motivates people to take action – that’s why it’s used on buttons. Words are very important as well, but keep in mind – it’s a proven fact that people process images much faster than they process words; the same goes for remembering too, some people’s visual memories are amazing. Our designers invoke emotions and adjust perceptions, making it known to customers that their aspirations will be met if they purchase your offer. They design to drive conversions; help your business reach out to new potential clients and boost your sales and revenue.   BY : Alexandra Rogin