Voyage Tours

About the client

Voyage Tours is a leading travel agency based in Dubai and founded in 2004. Voyage manages all kinds of destination tours for individuals, groups or B2B travels and booking. With their vision to emphasize UAE as a historical place and a gateway to the future, Voyage was ambitious from the start and always kept up to date with the market trends.

The Challenge

Given their high level of service, and their goal to always improve and stay on top, Voyage Tours sought a partner to help them construct a new and competent Corporate Profile that will give them a sense of a rebirth and convey their business portfolio precisely and professionally. Since the client had already established a professional image across Dubai for very long time, it was a welcoming challenge to UCT to ensure that level of professionalism is met through and through.

The Solution

Responding to a bidding request, UCT stepped up to the play and took on the task of providing Voyage tours the profile they sought. Working closely with the team at Voyage, brainstorming for creative ideas, unique designs, compelling images and photos and studying Voyage’s brand identity accurately, UCT was able to provide the destination management company with a compelling profile and brochure. The work done was inclusive of Voyage’s vision with an added touch of creativity from UCT, adding an extra layer of imagination into the work done.

The Result

Given the correct balance of creativity and professionalism UCT included in their work on the corporate profile, Voyage Tours was more than happy with the result that they requested the same format be applied to a smaller version as well, which resulted in the creation of a brochure as well. Keeping the same design and knowing exactly what to summarize, the brochure added a fine touch to the list of material the Voyage Tours now has.

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