PINKWAY Car Rental

About the client:

Pinkway’s offices were established early 2014 under a different name, housing a team that carries a rich history and experience in the hospitality business pre-dating all the way to 2008. Following their mission to meet the UAE’s standards of being at the top of everything, in 2020, there were born a new and rebranded as Pinkway Car Rental!

Pinkway Car Rental is also a sister company to Pinkway Travel and Tourism and Pinkway Concierge services, and the three companies work together in harmony to provide their clients with a lifestyle befitting their requirements.

Company Profile

The Challenge

As Pinkway restructured its offices and their business model, moving from general car rental into specifically luxury car rental, their new profile needed to reflect the luxury that Pinkway offers now. The company’s founder also expressed that it was very important for the marketing material to represent that Pinkway offers more than that, they offer a lifestyle and happiness accompanied with the luxury vehicles. UCT welcomed Pinkway’s request and set on with the creative team to provide the client with exactly what they envision for their new corporate profile and the rest of the marketing materials.

The Solution

Pinkway’s profile was designed with an obvious emphasis on the pink color, and this was behind the philosophy that the color pink signifies happiness. UCT created the designs, background and the overall identiy of the profile and copy wrote the content that were both original and inspiring. With a special request from the client to keep the profile brief and precise, UCT worked with extra care to include the right amount of information that can be conveyed within a brief profile, without losing its overall meaning.

Car Rental Web Portal Development

The Challenge

Following the creation of the profile, it was time to set up Pinkway’s new website, which will also serve as a portal for visitors to book their vehicles. Basically this meant that the website was also going to be an E-commerce platform; however, the tricky part is that it needed to properly function for car renting purposes, and also maintain and represent the level luxury found in the rented vehicles. There were several factors to keep in mind and to ensure that the website would always stay up to update, so the platform itself needed to be user-friendly and overly complicated.

The Solution

Website setup began first with the written content, which was written after competitors’ website analysis to ensure Pinkway’s content is unique and one of a kind. The next steps involved the designs and carrying Pinkway’s image across the website to ensure it remains true to the founder’s goal.

Finally, the E-commerce platform was setup and it not only included just booking a car, but also displayed all the vehicles available times, condition and were able to request bookings from an advanced period and finalize all payments online. The team at UCT dedicated to completing the platform and include all the necessary information and walked Pinkway through keeping it always updated.

The results

With a successful UCT / Pinkway partnership, Pinkway had a smooth transition into their new line of business. The website, the platform and the corporate profile, all carried the image of a lifestyle of happiness that is delivered when dealing with Pinkway. Users are now able to book and rent their favorite luxury or supercars with just a few clicks.

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