TAC TAZ Logistics

About the client

TAC TAZ is a leading company that manages any logistical requirements in Afghanistan. Since its establishment in Kabul in the year 1990, TAC TAZ has been combining ethics, knowledge, and experience to deliver the best freight forwarding and transportation services. Aided by a far-reaching network and latest equipment, the company provides safe, secure and competitively priced logistics to all local or foreign customers both in the private or public sectors of Afghanistan.


To complete their portfolio, TAC TAZ required a specialized Company Profile that professionally presents the company’s information and services. With the base of their operations being in Afghanistan, they approached UCT after finding them online and entrusted the task of developing the company profile to them. As TAC TAZ is involved in freight handling and logistics, the requested content from UCT had to equally captivate a professional feeling as well as a creative one, since this profile will be the face of the company when TAC TAZ puts forth a presentation to their prospects.


UCT employed its long years of experience in building a company profile that not only contains the required content in a perfect mix of professional and creative designs but also mirrors the respective company’s brand and image. UCT provided TAC TAZ with a comprehensive but also not overly lengthy profile as to not scatter the reader’s thoughts. The right amount of content was included to precisely convey what TAC TAZ was looking to include, while paying special attention to placing designs and spreading out the written text in a creative and appealing manner that, giving the profile a smooth flow.


TAC TAZ now has a powerful and a professional 24-pages company profile to share with their clients and partners. They were also able to utilize it to inform their new clients about themselves, the work they had done, through the properly laid out portfolio of their work.

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