Mohammed Mustaqeem General Trading (MMGT)

About the client

Initially founded in KSA in 1990, Mohammed Mustaqeem General Trading (MMGT) kept developing their business and were constantly growing till they established a base of operations in Dubai by 2016. Now MMGT grew into a strong leather goods supplier across the GCC and MENA region.

The Challenge

To further promote their high quality leather goods and ensure a solid place in an international market such as Dubai, MMGT had to rely on a strong and a capable partner that would develop their company profile in a creative and captivating manner. Most of the other agencies they turned to provided very basic company profiles that were either formatted on standard blank pages with little to no accompanying designs to go with the written content. Additionally, the competition was strong when it comes to leather goods in Dubai’s fashion booming market, so it was of more importance to obtain a unique and one of a kind company profile.

The Solution

UCT had proposed to take on the task of creating a company profile that will meet MMGT’s requirement and clearly display the quality of their work through text and eye-catching images. The main factor that set UCT’s work apart from the rest was how UCT managed to keep the profile precise and to the point without overly extending the number of pages. In addition to all the backgrounds, images and several designs that were used across the pages of the profile made it extremely appealing to the eyes and indeed gives the impression that MMGT is here for serious business and their products are of high quality.  

The Result

Given MMGT’s specialty in making leather goods such as belts and wallets, the outer design of the profile captured the feeling of unwrapping a belt and opening a wallet to find the pages inside all filled with designs and written with content that had the perfectly matching font style.

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