Simple Mobile Payment for Airlines

plane-airline-mobile-commerceThe extremely high usage of mobile devices exploded last year, now mobile internet traffic is quickly overtaking desktop internet. Smartphones allow consumers to always be one click away from their next purchase no matter where they are. Can companies and brands rise to challenge and cash in on the mobile marketing  opportunity? We say ‘yes’, because today mobile marketing is becoming a force to be reckoned as part of integrated marketing strategies. The surveys show that over half of consumers would like to buy goods using their mobile as the payment device and to pay for their airline tickets if the service were available. But only few airlines currently offer mobile payments  to their customers, yet many consumers want the option to purchase airline tickets via their mobile device. For airlines this mode of contacting customers is ideal for attaining direct, personalized communication and has the potential to radically change this industry. A simple way of providing services and assistance which at a low cost to the company gives rise to heightened user satisfaction. A purchase on a mobile device could link the online experience of browsing and buying tickets to the offline experience of check-in and boarding in just a few easy clicks. Fortunately, there are several apps that make it easier to book the exact flights that match your needs, no matter where you are: Sky Scanner, Hipmunk, Kayak, CheapOair, OnTheFly, eDreams, Rumbo, etc. If you fly with some definite airline companies like, for example, Vueling, EasyJet, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, download their apps right now. They will show you relevant flights on a timeline, making it easier to visualize your future plans and pick the best flight for your trip, while you are playing around with dates, time of day, duration of flight, and airports. Then the apps direct you to the airline, orbitz.com, email booking link, etc. to book your flight.


As a bonus, these apps have features that enhance and improve your travel experience, and save you money along the way having convenient options for instantly booking flights from your device. Now travel agents are not required. So it´s time to start getting the best performing airline ticket reservation apps! As technology quickly catches up and bridges the gap between desktop and mobile,mobile marketing  will keep creating an even bigger buzz this year. Keep up with the times and have nice flights!     By: lia