Online advertising how to

Nowadays your company is nothing without online advertising. Companies create websites, place banners on different popular websites, position their website and create fan pages on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Online advertising not only allows you to introduce your product or your services to a great number of people around the world, but also gives us other advantages like allowing you to choose your audience towards whom you direct the advertising, to be integrated into the content of a website, to be easily modified. online_advertising Many people and companies already successfully use online advertising and in order for you to keep up, you should also take advantage of it, starting with knowing what are the basic ways of online advertising:
  • Renting advertising spaces: it consists of renting advertising spaces on websites that give you the possibility to place there your graphic (banners) or written advertisements in exchange for money.
  • Advertisements in programs or platforms: similar to the previous case, you rent advertisement space in programs and Internet platforms (Yahoo! Messenger or some videogames).
  • Adware: consists in using ad programs that allow you to place your advertisement in different locations or websites associated to the program. You only pay when people click your advertisement.

Online advertising definition

What is online advertising really? According to the business dictionary, it’s the use of internet as an advertising medium where promotional messages appear on a computer screen. Since the communication software (browser) reveals sufficient information about the site’s visitors, online advertising can be custom-tailored to match user preferences. Some examples of online advertising may include: banner ads, social network advertising, search engine results, rich media ads, blogs, advertising networks, interstitial ads, cross-platform ads, dynamic banner ads and e-mail marketing. A lot of these advertisements are delivered by an ad server. Online advertising banner

Online advertising costs

If you start from the bottom you should take into account certain expenses. These types of expenses are punctual or ongoing management services, depending on the budget allocated for special promotions.
  • Costs of hiring online media for printing and clicks (depending on the budget for a promotion).
  • Management service for hiring an online marketing agency (monthly cost if you hire an ongoing service that includes launching and organization of campaigns).
  • Initial investment for the creation of banners, videos and landing page.
  • Learning costs for the achievement of the first measurement data (you have to allocate an initial cost for the acquirement of the data that allow the optimization of results).
pay-per-click-online-advertising Expenses from the creation of banners and landing pages:
  1. Advertisement in search engines is a very important element for your marketing actions nowadays. For some key words there is great competition and the costs of pay-per-click might make difficult the profitability.
  2. In order to complement your activities you can campaign of display with banners and videos. It’s worthwhile to invest in your graphic advertisement campaigns, as well as in the written ones.
  by: helena