Mobile branding strategy

As the number of mobile users is growing, there are great opportunities for mobile marketers and advertisers to communicate and expresses themselves in a new way to this audience. Helping users to identify with a brand by letting them to interact with interesting content and share it with their friends lets advertisers create powerful brand followers. Research shows that branded text messages sent by a friend work way better than those sent from traditional sources, so mobile advertiser will give irresistible content that shouts to be shared. Now that everybody has a smartphone, mobile video is taking a very important role in the mobile advertising arena. A great characteristic of mobile video is video customizing. It’s the ability to let users to place their text messages and photographs right into video content and easily share it on their social media. With this new technology that allows video customization to take place in 3D space, visually impressive special effects like those seen in films are now in the tool kit of mobile advertisers. Remember that mobile phones are always at an arm’s reach for users. It perfectly fits with the eventful lifestyle of today’s busy user, this is why this device is now the most usual form to browse the internet. Nonetheless, most users are on-the-go and don’t pay proper attention when browsing the World Wide Web on their smartphones. That’s why mobile marketers must be able to catch a user’s attention and be able to keep it long enough in order to create user interest in a brand and product or service. Companies that use ‘traditional’ advertising must change their strategies and adapt to a fast-paced mobile arena. mobile_branding_via_apps Applications also play a very important role in mobile branding. With the enormous quantity of smartphones rolling out on the market on a daily basis, mobile applications can play a truly significant role in helping the mobile branding strategy. There are several ways brand manufacturers can use mobile applications in order to boost their own sales. The most usual way is with SMS texts and mobile internet connection. Other techniques comprehend pay-per-download, ad-supported promotions, application subscription characteristics, in-app micropayments, etc. Mobile applications give brands a steady source of income and also a great media experience to the consumer of the brand. mobile branding via mobile websites But one of the most important things in mobile branding is creating a mobile version of your website. This way you provide an excellent user experience and you also make sure your new clients will come back and you’ll get to maintain the old ones’ loyalty. Mobile websites load fast and don’t make users scroll sideways or zoom in in order to read the content. Creating a mobile version of your website allows you to reach a much larger audience. Now that smartphones are available at all kinds of prices everyone’s got one, so make sure your mobile visitors are happy with what they encounter when accessing your website from their mobile phones. As you can see, there are lots of ways of doing mobile branding since it’s the most popular device for some years now. Nowadays’ most popular, the South Korean Samsung, used Monsters University trailer in order to promote their new Samsung Galaxy S4. It was a great way of showing new and innovating characteristics via a video that’s both entertaining and funny.   BY: silvia