Mobile marketing sales strategy

The truth is that everyone likes to follow trends, either people and businesses. So they have to adapt themselves to what is coming.

Nowadays there is a huge trend in shopping and businesses world: showrooming. Researches reveal that over 95% of customers search online to find what they need nearby. Doesn’t matter if they purchase it on-line or not, the idea is to get into the users mind, so when they buy they will remind your business and your products.

Following this trend, it’s a must for companies if they want to be correctly positioned in the market, and it is hardly recommended for companies to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

As we were telling before, customers like search before purchasing, and it is known everyday people use more and more their mobile devices for everything, so how are they going to see you and your products if you don’t have a mobile version of your website?


 It’s not the first time we talked about this, but if you want customers to remember you, you should do something about it, and go mobile…and the easier thing is to have a mobile website.

 It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one by now, never is too late, you just have to check our Uctme tool! It is really easy to create your mobile website by following easy steps and get a really similar website to your desktop one.

 Another tool you may want to use are Social Networks; but is not just easy as register yourself on Facebook or Twitter and create a fan page and a twitter account; if you want to get to your customers it is really important to update continuously, and not just with news or photos, you have to connect with your clients, personalize your messages, so they will feel special and unique, and will go visit your website, at the end will become loyal to you if you look after them and their needs.

 Everyone knows Harrods, one of the most important department stores in the world; well, no matter how big they are, they still taking care of their customers. They use email marketing to keeping update their customers, so they can exactly know which are the new products that may interest them, they promote special offers or events, so they generate expectation form people, and make them to visit their stores: online or its brick and mortar location.


 To sum up, I just want to say that is extremely important to go mobile if you want to be in the market, and the best way to do it is as mix of the tool we have talked about. Mobile presence will help you not just to increase your sales online, also it’s a great tool to attract traffic in-store, because despite the huge development of mobile devices, most of people still preferring shopping in classic stores.

By: Tlta