Nordana Group (Oman)

About the Client:

Nordana is a joint-stock mining company headquartered in Australia, established in 1983. The company focuses on global gold exploration and production and it is listed on premier stock exchange markets.

They concentrate on creating value for their shareholders by minimizing the risks of exploring, mining and investing in mineral resources while offering maximum efficiency.


With huge plans from Nordana regarding the region's gold mining industry, such as the Sukkari Mine in Egypt, they’ve have been searching for a marketing channel to promote the company’s activities and underline their responsible and sustainable mining orientation. 

Nordana interviewed various specialized marketing companies and heard their ideas. But they found little satisfaction with meeting the set criteria related to adding value to an already global company. This is where the UCT advantage became evident.  


UCT managed to earn Nordana's trust by offering what was needed; a new brand identity and a catalog design package that differs from standard material and elevates idea's delivery to the next level.

A new brand identity:

The Nordana mining leader needed to re-brand their company to promote their world-class services in more and more regions. We began collaborating with them to design a new logo and company image that reflect their professionalism, capabilities and the massiveness of their projects' scales. We've focused on representing their brand in a manner that surpasses any national and regional mining competitor.

An elegant company profile:

UCT employed their full potential to render a company profile design with customized shapes & content to demonstrate Nordana's capabilities and wide service range from mining to sourcing to mine operation & management.

We've made sure the concept genuinely represents Nordana in authentic styles while stressing on their commitments to pleasing customers by accentuating their client-centrism, sustainability and high standards.


The goal of any marketing effort is solidifying the trust and support of all shareholders, employees, suppliers, authorities and communities. Through its Nordana products, UCT delivered just that. Our display of their commitments to the highest standards of integrity and sustainability and the way they prioritize people as their main asset left a satisfying impression in the region.

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